Tinkers bubble

Throughout history, the human race have been fighting over power, ownership and pride; we have been greedy and taken more than we need. Is it possible to change our destructive behaviors? Are we strong enough to stop feeding the illusion of being something separate from nature?

Tinkers Bubble in Somerset, is a 40 acre, off-grid woodland community, established in 1994. The residents, known as Bubbleites, manage the land without fossil fuels, and have been for the last twenty years, making a living through forestry, apple products and gardening. As a result, they say they are ‘money poor, but happiness rich’. Despite their general rule about not taking in photographers, the community have agreed to welcome me and my camera.

In this documentary, I want to question our materialistic society, and show that there are other ways to search for happiness than in our current system. I want to inspire people to move away from the path of destruction, and to believe that their actions matter.


Selma Jørgensdatter

22 years old raised on a small island in the south of Norway.