What defines a family?

We are all born into a family, whether we like it or not. Do we have to be blood-related to have the right to use the word «family», or could a lover/friend become a family-member over time? My project is about these questions, where I’ve been focusing on female relations. Relations which feels like family, whether it ́s biological or not. From my point of view, the most important thing in any relation, whether is family, friends or love relations, is unconditional love.



Sara Tonning

Sara Tonning, 24 years old from Oslo. Lived 19 places in this town to be correct.

I like colors, humans and rooms. Mix them all together, and I’m in love. I use photography as a weapon to explore myself, limits, relations, dreams and thoughts. When I ́m creating pictures, I fall in a state of mind where time doesn’t exist. It feels like freedom. The world around me is so serious, and so much scary shit is happening. Therefore I use photography as an escape, where everything is colorful, fun and playful. My own little world, far from reality. I like to do a mix between fashion and art, and focus on identity, sexuality, the importance of self-love and to see the beauty in all kinds of humans.