Worst Case Scenarios

Set in a futuristic dystopia – not so far that it is out of reach, but not close enough to touch. Water levels will rise, society might need to find a new food source and the mental health of the individual mind will be destroyed. Are we there yet, or is it just a futuristic worst case scenario?

For the environmental part of the project I want to show what will have happened to the water levels within approximately 80 years. The sea level will rise by almost 7 meters (approximately 40 feet). This will put a large amount of land under water, and bring rougher weather, such as hurricanes, typhoons and other natural disasters. The reason for this is all the CO2 and other chemical pollution we let out to the atmosphere – the greenhouse effect.

During my research I have learned that cannibalism may be a solution to food shortages and hunger. If this were to happen it would be because of pollution, toxins, low oxygen levels and illnesses among other things. All of these combined will not only kill plants and pollute the water; it will destroy our whole eco-system, exterminate the animals and eventually the human race.

When I did my inquiry on both environment and society I started to see a pattern, not only by what the research showed, but also by what I saw people do to themselves everyday. They distance themselves, they “socialize” through internet and smartphones; real conversations, real intimacy and reality is getting smaller and smaller in the distance. The future individual will be so damaged that they cannot live in a society, they will just be an empty shell and a horrible reminder of what humans used to be. But still connected.


Rikke Albretsen

22 years old, born and raised in Oslo.
Main focus: Conceptual Art Photography.

Instagram: @rrixterz   @rikkeaphotography

I don’t photograph what I see, I photograph what could be.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”