This is a photo series about conformity and discrimination, and about how someones physical appearance and gaze changes how you read that person.

I wanted to do something within the lines of our A4 society and conformity. I want to state that no matter the skin we have, in the end, we are all made out of water, fat, muscles, organs and bones. It is just our layer of skin that sets us out from one another. This is a very relevant project for me personally, as well as for our society. I hope to make people think about our perception and prejudices against different groups and individuals.



Mary-Anne C. Gulbrandsen

20 years old, from Oslo.

My interest lies within commercial and editorial fashion photography and street fashion. I usually photography male models, but I’m slowly but surely finding my balanced way into photographing female models as well. I also make videos, from conceptual fashion videos to promos to music videos.

Instagram: @mcgcreativity