Lene Vaagland

27 years of age. Growing up in a small town with green blanketed mountains on either side, nature and the natural way of life has always been close to my heart. It finds its way into my photographic expression as well and the causes I choose to fight for.

Instagram: @lenevaagland

Thank you for your service

In my project I am honoring the iconic plastic artifacts that are on their way out: the disposable fork, the single-use plastic glass, etc. These are things that were necessary at the time when they were created, but they’ve done the job they were supposed to do, and it’s time for us to say goodbye and move on to more sustainable solutions.

Change will always come with a grieving process. So I allow the mourning of these objects that have changed our lives, before we let them go. We are in a state of critical change and that is always a difficult place to be even if it is a change for the better.

Understanding history is key to moving forward.