Human cells through microscope


We live in a world of destruction. People are starving, fleeing from bombs. The earth is heating up. Yet we stay put in our own spaces, striving to reach “happiness”. We continue in our normal pace and style, hoping for a technological fix.

Why do we see it as an easier solution to fix the world, than to fix ourselves? Why is it so difficult to change our belief system? Why are we in denial, only for the fear of having our perception of reality shattered?

I struggle with accepting a way of living that unquestionably seems wrong to me. In this unsustainable and unfair world, we should aspire to reflect around our own behaviour and mindset, for the eventual benefit of every living creature.

In this project I’m diving into our own bodies, our own cells – and into the diseases we carry. I search for structures and symmetry, colours and shapes, balance and uncomfortable variations.



Ingrid Helene Røger

I allow my photographs to speak of my emotions and my memories, and I look at them and evaluate my own experiences. Through my photos and my personal notes I try to understand situations, my own patterns and the patterns of other people. I write to be able to photograph, and I photograph to be able to write. The one triggers the other and it often makes sense to me to combine the two.

Instagram: @tullutta