Comrades in Arms

This is a project that peers through the cracks in the mirror of male sexuality, and looks at how the driving effects of it’s potency have shaped society, culture, politics and the world we live in. It is a look back into recent world history whilst at the same time posing the question «where are we going to?»

The past year has seen a dramatic shift to the right on the political stages of Europe and the USA, but interestingly it’s a shift away from the political values shared by the majority of young Millennials. Their leanings toward Socialism is a trait that defines their generation.1 This sudden and dramatic shift has taken many by surprise, not least because of the apparent fallibility of truth, and how irrelevant it has become within our democracies. Without warning, the questions we once asked in History class about how a country could elect a man like Adolf Hitler to power have been answered with an uncomfortable slap in the face.

Through this project I aim to comment on the world by creating a window into a fragment of life as it was, as it is, and as it could be. I want to provoke the audience into asking important questions of themselves, the world they live in and their perceptions of it, without providing any immediate answers. Does the growing mistrust of politicians, experts and bankers mean that we are witnessing the last death throes of Capitalism? Will the Millennials’ leanings toward Socialism result in a new wave of global Communism in the end, or will the Alt Right prevail and send us screaming into the abyss with their alternative facts? What of those of us left standing in the middle, and how do we cope with what the future has in store? By pushing boundaries and opening people’s eyes and minds to preconceived ideas that dictate our lives and opinions, I want to open the door to a world they might not have considered exists, and at the same time both berate and celebrate the bitter/sweetness of masculine sexuality and the way it continues to shape our lives.

In the end, whoever we are and whatever the path we take, we are all on this journey together.

We are all Comrades In Arms.


Anthony Robinson